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Medical Directory
Cancer Diagnostics & Care
Shaw Regional Cancer Center
322 Beard Creek Road | Edwards, CO 81632
Shaw Regional Cancer Center provides
high-quality, compassionate cancer care
that’s close to home. With Jack’s Place, an
intimate lodge that accommodates patients
and their caregivers, Shaw is the premier can-
cer center for residents and second home-
owners from across Colorado. By combining
the expertise of highly trained physicians and
cancer specialists with advanced technology
and the healing powers of nature, compas-
sion, fitness and nutrition, Shaw Regional
Cancer Center provides an innovative, holis-
tic approach that empowers cancer patients
to become cancer survivors. Providers: Patri-
cia Hardenbergh, MD, Alexander Urquhart,
MD, Mike Glodé, MD, The Mountain Surgical
Associates group, Urology, Plastic Surgery,
Radiology, Pathology
Sonnenalp Breast Imaging Center
322 Beard Creek Road | Edwards, CO 81632
Established in 2002, the Sonnenalp Breast
Center provides the most sophisticated
technology available for breast imaging and
diagnosis of breast cancer in the Rocky Moun-
tains. The Breast Center features a relaxing,
spa-inspired interior in a private setting. The
knowledgeable and compassionate radiolo-
gists, patient navigator and mammography
technologists provide the best care and
expertise to guide patients in pursuit of breast
health. Providers: Monique Fox, MD, Janice
Ugale, MD
Jack’s Place, A Cancer Caring House
332 Beard Creek Road | Edwards, CO 81632
Jack’s Place provides convenient and com-
fortable day or overnight lodging for patients
and a caregiver while receiving treatment at
Shaw Regional Cancer Center. Jack’s Place,
with a pay-what-you-can philosophy, treats
the spirit with a yoga studio, tai chi classes,
massage, meditation room, gourmet kitchen
and library. Jack’s place was built and funded
by the Shaw Outreach Team.
Ear, Nose & Throat
Colorado Mountain Medical
See Primary Care
eye Care
Eye Center of the Rockies
232 Broadway Street | Eagle, CO 81631
Eye Center of the Rockies provides eye care and
ophthalmology including medical and surgical
care for cataracts, glaucoma, retina and LASIK.
Currently, Dr. Ehrlich is the only ophthalmolo-
gist who practices full-time in Eagle County and
sees patients (including children) for routine
eye exams, eyeglass prescriptions and contact
lens fittings.
Not owned or operated by Vail Valley Medical Center.
General Surgery &Wound Care
Mountain Surgical Associates
181 W. Meadow Drive | Vail, CO 81657
Located within Vail Valley Medical Center,
Mountain Surgical Associates is known for
their expertise in emergency and trauma care,
the surgeons are experts in:
• General surgery: abdominal, thoracic & endocrine
• Cancer surgery: breast, colon and rectal, endo-
crine, lung and melanoma
• Laparoscopic surgery: hernia repair, gall blad-
der, colon and reflux disease
Providers: Barry Hammaker, MD, FACS,
Reginald Franciose, MD, FACS, James Downey,
MD, FACS, W. Andrew Lawrence, MD, FACS,
and Jason Moore, PhD, PA-C
Jack’s Place
Shaw Regional Cancer Center
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