Vail Health Magazine 2013 - page 71

our crowd
Alpine Bank
Leona Archer and Jack Ladish
Kevin Armitage
Ann Newman and Andy Arnold
Pam and Bob Barker
Sara and Bill Bittorf
Mariette and Scott Blackett
Sandra Bourgeois
Maureen and Don Bourne
Vicki and Richard Bourret
Thomas R. and Margaret A.
Bowers Family Trust
Gayle Braunholtz, MD and
Alan Braunholtz
Cedars Flower Shop
Paul Chapman and
Susan Kaemmerlen
Sara and Mike Charles
Susanna Chlipala
Sally and Kevin Claire
Jim Clancy
Kathy Langenwalter and
Dick Cleveland
Colorado Business Bank
Linda and Bob Cook
Brian Cotton
Heritage Makers
Paige Cregon
Cymaron Foundation
Angela Dal Pezzo
Alice Davis
Mary and Harry Deathe
Debra Jean Deverell
Jennifer Deweese
Karen and Rick Didion
Lisa Dillon and Jay Peterson
Pauline DiSalvo
Abby Dixon
Linda Dobrydney
Suzy and Jim Donohue
Carol and Buzz Dopkin
Matt Dyroff
Eagle Valley Community Fund
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Nancy and James Edwards
Edwards Excavating
Sam and Robbie Elliott
Holly and Buck Elliott II
Encore Electric
Susan Ewing
Kenneth Farmer
Ann Fitzgerald
Cookie and Jim Flaum
Sally and Crosby Foster
Joan Francis
Kristin Frisk
Guerin Fritzlen
Greer and Jack Gardner
Vicky and John Garnsey
Larry Gaul, MD
Rose and George Gillett Jr.
Corey and Sean Glackin
Tara Glasebrook
Doris and Matt Gobec
M.R. and Thomas Goettsche
Lyn Goldstein
Marshall Gordon
Lynn and John Gottlieb, MD
Phil Goyen
Becka and Stuart Green
Jeanne and Jim Gustafson
Patti Hardenbergh, MD and
Gordon Hardenbergh, MD
Grace and Clifford Harrigan
Barbara and Corbett Hart
Judith Harwick
Joann and Bob Hawkins
Wendy and Carl Hayden
Diana and Allan Heinle
Lorraine and Harley Higbie Jr.
High Country Copiers
Dawn and Frank Holmes III, MD
Home Depot
Victoria and Steve Jacobson
Randi and Patrick Jaerbyn
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Susanne and Ted Johnson
Raenette and Bill Johnson
Alexia and Jerry Jurschak
Peter and June Kalkus
Chuck Kaufman
Anne Marie and John Keane
Cynthia and Peter Kellogg
Alicia and Mick Kelly
Elaine and Art Kelton Jr.
Doris and John Kirchner
Gale and David
Curtis Landry
Tara and Bob Levine
Sue and Greg Lickus
Elizabeth and Charles Liggitt
Frederik Lippman
Deb and Dan Luginbuhl
Nancy and Tom Lusk
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Fletcher MacNeill
Elizabeth Martin
Susie and Brandon Mays
Cyndy McAdam
Alison and Tim McAdam
Quincy McAdam
Mary Ann and Jim McEntee
Brenda and Joe McHugh
Mary Sue and Doug McLaughlin
Peggy and Ag Meek
Nancy Mezey-Groff
Lisa and Bill Middlebrook
Susan Milhoan
Alice Miller
Roberta Millet
Allison and Russell Molina
Jason Moore, PAC, PhD
Vaughn and Peggy Morgan
Shelley and Ken Morgan
Kaia and Misha Moritz
David Moromisato
Suzanne and Bob Morris, MD
Jeanne and Dale Mosier
Pat and Steve Murray
Gail and Chuck Nash
Weesie Newton
Peggy Nicholls
Joyce and Jim Nielsen
Nora Fryklund and Dale Aden
Jack Novitski
Michael O’Reilly
Walter Olsen
Guerin andWarren
Olsen Osprey
Helen Palmer
Lisa and David Pease
Cathy Pollard
Anne Prinzhorn
Anne Reed
Mary Reese
Kathryn Reese
Michele and Jeffrey Resnick, MD
Sara and Eric Resnick
Kerry and Justin Roach
Amy Roth, PhD
Annie and Dick Rothkopf
Robert Ruder
David Salvin
Pam and Frank Saxton
Max Schmidt
Francisco Serna
Daniel Seybold
Maris andWilliam Sheehan
Benjamin Sherlund
Terry and John Sherrill
Jo and Carl Sillanpaa
Suzanne Sloan
Nancy Smith
Mary and Jay Smith
Karen and Gary Steele
Stockmasters Corp., The A Team
Jamie and John Stone
Victoria Stueber
Susan and Steve Suggs
Sheila Sullivan
Sharon and Robert Templin
Deborah and Rick Travers
Rebecca and Douglas Trieste
Bryant True
Linda and Stew Turley
Carroll Tyler
Lissa Tyler
UBS Financial Services
Jean Urquhart, MD and
Alec Urquhart, MD
Vail Valley Concours, LLC
Sally Veitch
Antonietta Villa
Diane Voytko-Osborn, MD and
Jarrett Osborn
VVMC Volunteer Corps
Susan and TomWashing
Lisa Weber
Karin and BobWeber
Emily and Steve Weigel
Margot and Norman Welch
Wells Fargo Private Bank
Barry White
Barbara and TimWies
Vali andWilly Wilcox
LuAnn and Chris Wilmes
Shaw Outreach Team
Tribute Gifts
In Memory Of
Dale Aden
Anne Clark
Mary Ann Derryberry
Nora Fryklund
Eric Wailes
David Brock
Nora Fryklund and Dale Aden
Vicki and Richard Bourret
Rosie Corbett
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Nancy and James Edwards
M.R. and Thomas Goettsche
Lynn and John Gottlieb, MD
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Roberta Millet
Susan and Joe Morrill
Pauline and Howard Morrison
Lisa and David Pease
Ann Smead and Michael Byram
Women of Cordillera
Pad the Bra Donors
Any Occasion, Inc.
Annie Apple
Avon Liquors
Barolo Grill
Moose Barrows
Dianne Batts
Bearcat Stables
Beaver Creek Chophouse
Barbara Benson
Suzanne Boettcher
The Bookworm
Denise Delaney
Debbie Brady
Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival
Priscilla Brewster
Mary Clare Broadbent
Lois Bruce
Shay Cahill
Veronica Calderon
Cindy V. Callaway Foundation
Peggy Carey
Jennifer Cartmell Hays
Judie Chain
Chippen Nails
Victoria Clampitt
Club Corp
Liz Coleman
Columbine Bakery
Paul Corcoran, DDS
Cordillera Golf Club
Cordillera Lodge and Spa
Jan Coulson
Paige Cregon
Nancy Cruce
Currents Fine Jewelers
Mary Davies
Sharon Dennis
Denver Inside and Out, LLC
Terry’s Hair Studio Inc.
Eagle Ranch Golf Course
Lainie Edinburg
Peggy Edwards
Edwards Station, LLC
Linda Egan
Joyce Evans
Kathie Farley
Katie Fiedler
Regina Fink
Aida Flamm
Craig Foley
Cheryl Foley
Sally Foster
Four Seasons Resort Punta
Mita Mexico
Sue Franciose
Stephen Gamble
Edie Gitlin
Gore Range Brewery and Frites
Joni Gotthelf
Great American Ball Park
Megan Green
Nancy Groff
Grouse Mountain Grill
Carla Guarascio
Cathy Hanson
Chris Heekin
Sally Hergenrader
Sally Hesse
Cheryl Holman
Laureen Hopkins
Janet Jones
Juniper Restaurant
Lois Kelley
Doris Kirchner
Kitchen Collage
Nancy Kreitler
Margorie and Lawrence Kyte
Leadfoot Linda’s
Laura Leitzinger
Vanessa Lyons
Bridget Maguire
Gail Mahoney
Devinder Mangat, MD
Gretchen Manley
DiAnne Marcotte
Judy Marks
Donna McCarthy
Nina Mclemore
Cheryl Mcvey
Merle Norman Cosmetics
Pixie Messey
Elise Micati
Ellen Mitchell
Artisan Events
Mort Mulliken
Kathleen Mundy
Hazel Murray
Linda Nelson
Joyce Nielsen
Gail O’Brien
Jean Oglethorpe
Andrea Ohde
Lorraine Page
Sarah Paladino
Sue Parker
Barbara Penn
Diane Pennock
Petals of Provence
Pinecones Gifts and Interiors
Sherry Preston
Anne Rainey
Red Sky Ranch and Golf Club
Carolyn Reintjes
Riverwalk Wine and Spirits
Ann Roberts
Ann Rothkopf
Ann Schimmel
Moves Fitness, Inc.
Carole Schragen
Sandra Seward
Shaw Outreach Team
Slifer Designs
Susan Smathers
Philip Smith
Pam Smith
Joan Solon
Sonnenalp Golf Club
Spa Anjali Westin Resort and Spa
Rocky Mountain Golf Magazine
Karen Steele
Tamara Tuebel andWilliam
Sterett, MD
Sue Sweeney
Keri and Mark Talucci
Susan B. Talucci
Desa Seni, A Village Resort
Argie Tang
Linda Temin
Kim Tickner
Penti Tofferi
Deborah Travers
Deanna Turner
Rosie Tutag
Lissa Tyler
Up the Creek
Urban Nails
Vail Jazz Foundation
Vail Valley Foundation
Vail WindowWashers
Sarah Vaughan
Vin 48
Kay Wagner
Judy Walters
Janis Ward
Valerie Weber
Katherine Whitman
Nancy Wiese
Jane Wilner
Carolyn Wittenbraker
Barbara Wolff
Judy Yordi
Zengo Restaurant
Zino Ristorante
Zip Adventures
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