Vail Health Magazine 2013 - page 70

Molly and Jay Precourt
Ed Rubenstein, CHFC
Thea Jean and Fred Rumford
Patti and Eddie Blender, DDS
John Comer
Carol and John MacLean
Carol Ann and Robert Navratil
Michael Glode, MD
Alice Miller
Gary Ryan
Tom Hackett, MD
Kelly Cordes
Judith and Garrett Fonda
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Carol McCurley
Jean Hadley, MD
Sharon Hammer-Treacy and
Paul Treacy
Barry Hammaker, MD
Karl Reynolds
Jan and Doug Smith
Patti Hardenbergh, MD and
Gordon Hardenbergh, MD
Earl Counts
Patti Hardenbergh, MD
Gordon Hardenbergh, MD
William Bryant Jr.
April and Art Carroll
Chris Dennett
Martha Head and John
Feagin, MD
Greer and Jack Gardner
Jony Larrowe
Elizabeth and Charles Liggitt
Alice Miller
Helen Palmer
Ann and Dick Rothkopf
Peggy Carey
Johanna and Carter Chadwick
Susan Kaemmerlen and
Paul Chapman
Thomas Moore
Phyllis Steuben
Melanie Hendershott, RD
Johanna and Carter Chadwick
Trygve Hutto, MD
Joan Hutto
Susan Johnson
Susanne and Ted Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Jones
Nancy Groff
Matthew Kamper, MD
Ellen andWillard Lockwood
Laverne Glasmann-Konopka
David Karli, MD
Barbara and Sterling Williams
Cheryl Kohn, DO
Linda and Timothy Beringer Sr.
Guy Kovacevich, MD
Susan Wendt
Steven Laird, MD
Peggy Fossett
Jean and Larry Lammers
Matt Lammers
Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD
Lynda Meyer
Grant Shelly
Jeffery Soule
Terri and Jeffrey Hinds
Ron Linton, MD
Edward Gesdorf
Nancy Smith
Ron Littleton
The Israel and Mollie Myers
Doug and Kimberly Lockhart
David de Sena
Andrea Zalom
Paula Lutomirski O’Leary
Pearl and Charles Taylor
Heather Mai, PA-C
Rhea Little
Natalie Martin, MD
Catherine and Barry Gassman
Joe and Brenda McHugh
Jennifer and Jake Van Beelen
Peg and Ag Meek
Vaughn and Peggy Morgan
Liz Meyer
Ellyn and Howard Kaye
Peter Millett, MD
Katherine Banks
Marsha and Richard Cole
Joan Hutto
Edgar Linder
James Parkin
William Phelan
Barbara Sosaya
Sandra Tumminello
Brian Vanderpoel
Catherine and David Doughty
Jim Malernee Jr.
Angela Romagosa
Jason Moore, PA-C, PhD
Johanna and Carter Chadwick
Michelle and Chris Evans
Daniel Levy
Brian Murphy, MD
Martha Head and John
Feagin, MD
Marc Peck, MD
Darlene Hoffman
Jeffrey Jacobs
Judith Rodriguez
Kent Petrie, MD
Ann and Doc Cornwell
Holly and Buck Elliott II
Thomas Steinberg, MD
Christie and Karl Hochtl
Virginia Snowden
Marc Philippon, MD
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Jeffery Resnick, MD
Johanna and Carter Chadwick
Terese Rocomora
Phillip and Zelma Horwitz
Gale Santa Maria, MD
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Judy Schmid
Sandy and Leo Dunn
John Slack, MD
John Comer
Sheila and Robert Gouterman
Kathryn and Calvin Johnson
J. Richard Steadman, MD
Vincent Cincotta
Larry Emdur
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Gwen Steeley
George Davidson
Mark Stephens, MD
Arlyn Berlinghof and
Vicotr Hauser
Maxine and Louis Fanitini
Marshall Gordon
Leslie and Meline Stern
George Mizner
William Sterett, MD
Lilly and Arthur Hardin
Dan Miller
Casey Strahan, MD
Karl Reynolds
Jan Ugale, MD
Johanna and Carter Chadwick
Ann and Doc Cornwell
Christina Mastrogiovanni
Alec Urquhart, MD
Peggy Carey
Johanna and Carter Chadwick
Susan Kaemmerlen and
Paul Chapman
Shirley and Donald Linn
Jackie and Jim Power
Phyllis Steuben
William Bryant Jr.
Ana Lash
Rebecca and Douglas Trieste
Susan Vickerman, DO
Susan Kaemmerlen and
Paul Chapman
Carol Ann and Robert Navratil
Lynn and John Gottlieb
Randall Viola, MD
Larry Eilts
David Force Jr.
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Virginia Klyce Minervini
Rhea Little
Wendy andWilliam Rahn
Ann Smead and Michael Byram
Kelly Wilbanks
Kristi Cavanagh
Nancy and Duwayne Peterson
Krista Voytilla
Timothy Roehls
Diane Voytko, MD
Annette Ladt
Ms. Ruiz
Wayne Wenzel, MD
Martha Head and John
Feagin, MD
Albert Wiehl, MD
Alfred Covello
Connie Wolf, MD
Linda and Beric Christiansen
Ines and Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Marcy Woodrow
Susan Ewing
Steve Yarberry, MD
Larry Dean
April and Art Carroll
Ines and Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
All Physicians
Gwendolyn Schneider
Grants Received
Alpine Bank
Central Wyoming
Neurosurgery, LLC
State of Colorado
Department of Transportation
Emergency Medical
Trauma Services
Primary Care Fund
Regional Emergency Trauma
Advisory Council
Women’s Wellness Connection
Colorado Prevention Center
Eagle County Government
Health and Human Services
Board of County Commissioners
Susan G. Komen for the Cure -
Aspen Affiliate
Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate
The Summit Foundation
Vail Resorts ECHO
Vail Valley Cares
Steinberg Heritage
These donors have made a provision
for VVMC or its affiliates In their
estate plan. If you would like to be
added to this list please contact Dr.
Jack Eck at 970-477-5177 or eck@
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Elaine and Art Kelton Jr.
Kathy Langenwalter and
Dick Cleveland
Linda and Craig Wescoatt
VVMC Volunteer
Corps Donors
Alpine Bank
Mary Ellen Anderson
Pamela Andrews and Charles Will
Sally Angeletto
Carolyn and Fred Ayers
Geraldine B Ball
Kathy Bellamy
Linda Belleville
Patti and Eddie Blender, DDS
Maria and Roberto Bonetti
Joan and Henry Bornstein
Marka and Jimmy Brenner
Jo and Ernie Brown
Kristi Bugby
Cristina and Ron Byrne
Jennifer Cakir
Katie Campbell
Sue R Carey
Charmayne Originals
Joyce and John Chizmadia
Kathy Cole
Anne and Art Collins
Ellyn Courtois
Sonja and Brian Craythorne
Caron and Charlie Crevling
Shannon Crockett
Bernice and John Davie
Lucy and Ron Davis
Adina Dean
Sharon Dennis
Doris Dewton and Richard Gretz
Ines and Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Cathie Douglas
Lucy and Peter Dunning
Jane and Reed Eberly
Janice K Emmert
Virginia and John Eschenlohr
Katie Fiedler
Jessica Fisher
Ingie Franberg
Nancy Brooke Gage and
Allan Finney
Marilyn Gill
Donna Giordano
Stephanie and Earl Glenwright
Lyn Goldstein
Amy Gomez
Lynn and John Gottlieb, MD
Sheika and Pepi Gramshammer
Marilyn Greenspan
Lilllie Grisafi
Danice Grisham
Nancy and Harry Guest
Karen and James Haeffner
Bobbi and Topper Hagerman
Kathi Hall
Maria and Barry Hammaker, MD
Michael D Hankin
Ashley Lynn Heimburger
Becky Hernreich
Margo and Paul Hields
Brandy Hoeve
Summer Holm
Marilyn Hopson
Heather Hotard
Barbara Huggenvik
Jan Jackson
Randi and Patrick Jaerbyn
Terry Janssen
Nancy Jones-Broder
Elaine and Art Kelton Jr.
Sandi and Skip Kinsley
Doris and John Kirchner
Karie Konopasek-Lysenko
Nanette and Nicholas Kuich
Sarah and Bobby Ladd
Jacqueline Landt
Ann and Pepi Langegger
Carla Lewis
Sherry and Herbert Luhman
Susan Lynch
Lynne and Peter Mackechnie
Melanna and Jean Marcellot, MD
Samantha McIntosh
Laura and Steve McKeever
Anne McNeill
Liz and Luc Meyer
Ellen and David Mitchell
Patricia Weber Nelson
Joyce and Jim Nielsen
Linda Nielsen
Terri Noell
Joan Norris and Jim Lamont
Angela Nyguyen
Deborah O’Neill
Judi Pachi
Shelley Pinkham
Deborah and Joe Poole
Happy and J.P. Power
Jeanne and Mike Quagliano
Mary and Chris Randall
Anna Maria Ray
Angela Romagosa
Donna and Peter Rosenberg
Thea Jean and Fred Rumford
Karen Ryan
Heather Schultz
Kitty and Bob Seemann
Nancy Shane
Kim and Kevin Sharkey
Jan and Doug Smith
Anne Snyder
Nancy and John Snyder, MD
Kimberly and James Spahmer
Karen and Keith Spero
Barbara and Jim Spiker
SS&F/East West
The Steadman Clinic, LLC
Marilyn and James Steane II
Deana and Gerald Stempler, MD
Shelley and Dutch Stortz
Julie Syracuse
Argie Tang
Tamara Teubel
Hope and Ed Tudanger
Stephanie andWolfgang
US Bank
June and Bob Vanourek
Lucas O Vasquez
Joanne and Steve Virostek
Amanda and Steven Visosky
Vail Valley Medical Center
Marti and Pat Waneka, DDS
Andrea Webber
Lai White
April Wilson
Kim R Windsor
Marcy and Dick Woodrow
Janet Zaring
Alida Zwan-Gregory
Shaw Outreach Team
Support of Jack’s Place, Hike Wine
and Dine and other capital projects
Sally Agnoletto
James Allen
Barbara A. Allen Charitable
Susann and Dan Allen
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