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our crowd
Nancy Waller
John Wampler
Marti and Pat Waneka, DDS
Wendy Wansley
Kady and Eric Warble
Kimberly Waring
Lindsay Warner
Laura Warren
Brian Washburn
Patty Washienko
Susan and TomWashing
Kim and Chuck Watson
Valerie Watts
Andrea Webber
Karin and BobWeber
Deborah Webster and
Stephen Blanchard
Jennifer and James Weichert
Bernie Weichsel
Emily and Steve Weigel
Audrey and John Weihaupt
Carmen Weiland
Judith Weingruber
Mark Weinreich
Patti and Ron Weinstein
Jason Weisberger
Brian Weiskittel
Mindy Weiss
Heather Weissler
Margot and Norman Welch
Grace Wellwerts
Horst Wels
Melinda and Robert Welter
Celeste and John Wencel
Dee andWayne Wenzel, MD
Margaret Wernars
Evan and Jens Werner
Jane Westerman
Jerry Wetzel
Steven Wetzel
Thomas Whalen
Amy Wharton
Tamara Whelpley
Mindy and Greg White
Nicole White
Lai White
Lindsey Whitney
Ellen Whittemore
Donna Whittington
Amelious Whyte
Colleen Widlak
Hans Wiemann
Barbara and TimWies
James Wight
Marni Wight-Garrison
Vali andWilly Wilcox
Nona Wilke
Olga and James Wilkins
Robert Williams, MD
Hans Willimann
LuAnn and Chris Wilmes
Louise and Robert Wilson
Kendall Wilson
Caroline Wilten
Marguerite Wiltse
Liana Winans
Kim R Windsor
Ivey Winkler
Sue Winn
Courtney Wiseman
Laura Wittenberg
Carolyn and TomWittenbraker
Arkay Foundation Inc.
Deborah Wittman and Rik Heid
Laura Wolf
Martha Wolfe
Ellen and Michael Wolfson
Sau Chun Wong
Marie and BudWonsiewicz
Betty Ann and Chip
Woodland, MD
Rebecca Woods
Allison Wright
John McDonald and RobWright
Jana Wunderlich
Mark Wyant
Yudong Xi
Sharlene Yabe
Anna and Bruce Yanke
Donna Yarborough
George Yarzabek
Joanna and John Yaukey
Alexandra Yeagley
Lawrence Young
Pat Yrastorza
Janet Zaring
Nori Zastrow
Jeanette Zbierajewski
Angela Esposito and Bill Zervas
Kathy and Jon Zeschin
Julie Zimmerman
Deborah Zimmermann
Marsha Zintgraff
Brian Zipp
Helen and Ray Zivelonghi
Michele Zoller
Alida Zwan-Gregory
Tribute Donors
In Memory of
Memorial Carol Allen
Susann and Dan Allen
Phyllis and Gerald Booth
Lorraine Gregory
Iva Laman
Maxine and Rocco Stefano
Betty and Charles Sweetland
Jane Weston
Memorial James Allen
Barbara A. Allen Charitable
Memorial Jim Bain
Linda and Buzz Finn, DDS
Bonnie and David Freeh
Greer and Jack Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Nelfred Kimerline
Geri and Ralph Meyer
Cynthia and Gary Rito
Marla and Barry Shainman
Gloriana and Charles Yeagley
Memorial James Bowers
Mary Reese
Memorial David Brock
Nora Fryklund and Dale Aden
Vicki and Richard Bourret
Ann Smead and Michael Byram
Rosie Corbett
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Nancy and James Edwards
M.R. and Thomas Goettsche
Lynn and John Gottlieb, MD
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Roberta Millet
Pauline and Howard Morrison
Memorial Mrs. Campbell
Rosie and Bob Tutag
Memorial Tom Carey
Gabriela and Victor Avila
Charmayne and Chas Bernhardt
Susan and Jubal Bobb
Linda Clement
Paige Cregon
Sarah Flayer
Greer and Jack Gardner
Sarah and Dan Giovagnoli, OD
Shannon Hart
Mel and Dan Hendershott
Christine Huber
Merrill Mann
Karin O’Quinn
Leesa Samuels
Susie and Brad Schneider
Kim and Kevin Sharkey
Marisa andWilliam Sheehan Jr.
Vail Breast Cancer
Awareness Group
Angela and Richard Van Dyke
Colleen Widlak
Memorial Don Clancy
Jim Clancy
Memorial Jerry Davis
Mary Sue and Doug McLaughlin
Memorial Morgan Douglas
Judy and Jim Allison
Mary and Seth Barsky
Ines and Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Olivia Edwards
The Mathilde U. and Albert C.
Elser Foundation
Barbara and Fred Erb
Claire and Marshall Evans
Margaret and Rick Garbe
Rose and George Gillett Jr.
Gaby Lehrer
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lundeen
Phyllis and James May
Maureen and Edward
Mayne Jr.
Louise McGaughey
Eloise and Red Noland
Mary and Dick Pownall
Thea Jean and Fred Rumford
Peggy and Anthony Sciotto
Nancy and John Snyder
Tim Tyler
Memorial Virginia Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A’akre
Suzanne and Richard Bross
Alejandra Perez Mina and
Gerardo Canavati
Cheryl and Thomas Day
Leeann and Jeffrey Ettinger
Kathy and Ronald Fielding
Maria and Jeffrey Frank
Tracy and Fred Halvin
Ann and David Juhlke
Knowlton Foundation
Beverly and Kent Kreuer
Maria Juliana Pena and
Luis Marconi
Gwendolyn Mitchell
Jeanne and James Sheehan
Constance and John Signorino
Vicki and James Splinter
Hilda and Gary Sutton
Nancy Tuck
Debra and Larry Vorpahl
Memorial Christian Hanson
Karen and Gary Steele
Memorial Larry Harwick
Judith Harwick
Memorial Lorraine Haslee
Linda and George Brodin
Memorial Richard Henry
Charmayne and Charles
Paige Cregon
Vail Valley Surgery Center
Doris and John Kirchner
The Precourt Foundation
Jan and Doug Smith
Anne and Scott Smith
Memorial Bunny Landis
Elizabeth and Robert Howell, PhD
Sally and Crosby Foster
Joyce and Paul Krasnow
Memorial Bev Miller
Betty and David Buell
Linda DeRoos
Mary and Roger Wilson
Mary Lou Peters
Memorial Maryellen Orwig
Breckenridge Resort Chamber
Nona Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Carosa
Donna Deeley
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Freese
Kristin Galloway
Janet Good
Sandra Greenhut
Kanawha Valley Animal
Emergency Services, Inc.
Sara Ann and James Kintz
Maureen and Jim Nicholls
Margaret Aldridge and
Howard Smith
Kathleen Swanson
Shirley and George Weimer
Hilary Chu
Susan and David Donaldson
Memorial John Reese
Linda Dobrydney
Sharon and Robert Templin
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Kathryn Reese
Memorial Joan Schmidt
George Schmidt
The Home Depot Foundation
Memorial Jason Smith
Bohdan Durkacz Charitable Fund
Memorial Charlie Tuft
Cynthia and Lorne Polger
Memorial Nancy Warner
Terry and John Siverly
Memorial Lillian S. Whaler
Pat and Michael Cole
Memorial Gerry White
Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Seeger
Memorial Martha and
James Woodyard
Pat and Michael Cole
Memorial Clint
Karen and Gary Steele
Memorial Fred Mezey
Nancy Groff
in honor of
Paul Abbott, MD
Egon Gerson
Kendrick Adnan, MD, MSPH
La Vera Leopard
Bill Bevan, MD
Walter Olsen
Robert Boykin, MD
Larry Eilts
Gail Braunholtz, MD
Gail and Jack Edelman
Larry Brooks , MD
Shelley and Dutch Stortz
Buddy Carey, MD
Vail Valley Foundation
Tom Clanton, MD
Barbara and Sterling Williams
Kelly Cordes
Jacqueline Soderberg and
Scott Rawles
Mindy Cooper, MD
Debbie and Rob Ford
Ann and Bill Loper
Allen Lowe
Paul Corcoran, DDS
Jane Reisen Interiors
Donald Corenman, MD
Marjorie and Raymond McAlpine
John White
Susan and Zane Zibinski
Marsha and Richard Cole
Catherine and David Doughty
Richard Cunningham, MD
Jean and Ben Smusz
Connie and DavidWillemssen
Grace and Michael Dugan
Lucy and Ron Davis
Carol and Ronnie Goldman
Ed Dent, MD
Anna Policastri
Suzy Donohue
Stanley Whittemore
Eric Dorf, MD
Estelle Meskin
James Downey, MD
Johanna and Carter Chadwick
Susan Kaemmerlen and
Paul Chapman
James Downey
Elizabeth Martin
Ami Doyle, MD
Grace and Michael Dugan
Jack Eck, MD
Ines and Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Sue and Greg Lickus
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Alice Miller
Inge Nicholl
Amy Roth, PhD
Jan and Doug Smith
Carol Collins
Gale and David Kunkel
Dori and Bert Ladd
Robert Parker
Suzanne Sloan
John Paul Elton, MD
Joyce Diven
Dan Feeney
Marilyn and Roger Affa
Jon Feeney, MD
Grace and Michael Dugan
Kelly Fralick, RN, ND
Mary Jo and Dick Froberg
Reg Franciose, MD
Michelle and Chris Evans
Greer and Jack Gardner
Sandra and D.F. Newman
Ann Smead and Michael Byram
Karl Reynolds
Larry Gaul, MD
Patricia and Joel Anderson
Sonja and Brian Craythorne
Nancy and Gerald Dooher
Mary Jo and Dick Froberg
Mary Hinojosa
Wendy and Refael Lulavy
Daniel Platte
“I support the Vail Valley Medical Center personally, as does
my company FirstBank, because a good medical center is
crucial to our community.”
Ellen Moritz – Edwards, CO
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