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from the president & CEO
Welcome to the second edition
of Vail Health Magazine
his magazine and medical
directory is your tool for living
a healthy and active lifestyle
in Eagle County and beyond.
Throughout the magazine you
will find foods to eat while recovering from
illness or surgery, exercises to keep you doing
what you love from the expert physical ther-
apists at Howard Head Sports Medicine, the
latest research on joint preservation from Dr.
Richard Steadman and more.
I invite you to learn about our latest tool
for training medical providers - the Mobile
Medical Training Lab. This state-of-the-art
lab comes in the form of a 40-foot custom RV,
home to a family of high-tech manikins that
cry, talk and react to medications. The lab and
training tools will routinely travel to VVMC
locations to prepare our staff for incidents they
may not see frequently, but through training, will be confident and equipped
when it actually happens. To learn more about our new training lab, see page 34.
As we near our 50th anniversary as a nonprofit medical center (founded in
1965), we begin looking back at our accomplishments. Dr. Tom Steinberg, Vail’s
first full-time physician, sat down with Dr. Jamie Gray, current president of the
VVMC medical staff, to learn about where we’ve come from and why these two
physicians are proud to call Vail home. See the complete story on page 57.
We are also proud of a second successful year of Pink Vail — the world’s
largest ski day to conquer cancer ­— with all proceeds staying right here at Shaw
Regional Cancer Center. Pink Vail funds our new “Spirit of Survival” program,
which offers free exercise training, nutrition coaching, emotional support, out-
door camps and more to all patients at our cancer center.
Vail Valley Medical Center was recently named one of the “Best Hospitals
in Colorado” by US News & World Report and was the only mountain hospital
to earn this designation. At VVMC we provide superior health services with
compassion and exceptional outcomes. Accomplishing that mission takes an
entire team of generous donors, volunteers, care providers and behind-the-
scenes staff. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your continued
confidence in Vail Valley Medical Center and your sustained support. I hope you
enjoy the second edition of
Vail Health Magazine.
Doris Kirchner
President & CEO
Vail Valley Medical Center
Vail Valley Medical Center
Board of Directors
Primary Purpose: Operations
Dick Cleveland
Reg Franciose, MD
Chris Jarnot
Art Kelton
Doris Kirchner
Charlie L’Esperance – Chair
Gary Peterson
Jeff Shroll
WayneWenzel, MD
Vail Health Services
Board of Directors
Primary Purpose:
Strategy and Fiduciary
Andy Arnold
Johannes Faessler
Mel Bergstein
Sam Bronfman II
Ron Davis – Chair
Lisa Dillon
Reg Franciose, MD
Peter Frechette
Randi Jaerbyn
Doris Kirchner
Charlie L’Esperance
Jay Precourt
Michael Shannon
Richard Steadman, MD
Sally Veitch
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