Vail Health Magazine 2013 - page 45

sue arford
General Surgery Nurse &Wound Care
Sue Arford’s decision to become a
nurse “required little thought,” since
her father’s side of the family was
made up largely of nurses.
“I have never second-guessed
that decision,” she says.
Though she initially viewed
nursing as “simply a job” to sup-
port her pursuits of adventure and
travel, now, 35 years later, it has
transformed her.
“It is not simply a job,” she says.
“It is who I am and something I am
very passionate about.”
As she grew in knowledge, expe-
rience and ability to be compas-
sionate and caring, she saw how
her work made a positive impact
on patients.
“There is nothing more reward-
ing at the end of the day than
knowing you have made a positive
difference in the lives of your
patients, and often their families,
whether it be through coaching
them through their illness or
injury or navigating them through
the often tedious and confusing
health care environment,” she
says. “This is an effortless role
for me as it aligns with one of my
guiding life philosophies, which is
to treat people as you would want
to be treated — with kindness
and respect.”
She works as a certified wound
ostomy nurse, caring for patients
with acute and chronic wounds
and ostomies at Mountain Surgical
Associates. And, even 35 years later,
nursing still allows her to pursue
her life as an avid outdoorswomen.
“I enjoy everything this over-
sized playground has to offer with
my greatest passions being skiing,
golfing, reading, adventure and
travel,” she said.
Like Arford, VVMC’s nurses tend
to be adventurous, fun-loving, out-
doorsy people, and they bring that
energy into their work.
“We carry the passion we have for
the outdoors,” Burke says, “and living
life in general into our work.”
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