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Nearby, there’s something for everyone
Got Visitors?
By Shauna Farnell
Skiing or snowboarding are the
obvious choices in winter, and
there is no shortage of ice skating
options — both Lionshead and
Vail Village have outdoor rinks,
but Dobson Ice Arena has public
skating sessions year-round. For
more action in the summer, rent
bikes and ride from East to West
Vail on the recreation path or, for
a real adrenaline charge, haul the
bikes up the gondola and ride
down the mountain.
In the summer, with
plenty of water in tow
and donning a sturdy
pair of hiking shoes or sneakers,
send the hearty and healthy to
Berry Picker trail, Vail Mountain’s
signature — but strenuous — hike.
The trail winds through green
berry groves, across a number
of creeks and streams, through a
rainbow of regional wildflowers,
including several thatches of
columbine, Colorado State’s flower,
and directly across the meadows
that double as ski slopes in the
winter. Take a break and grab a
snack at Eagle’s Nest and ride
down the gondola
for free. The 3.5-mile hike, depend-
ing on your pace, takes between 1
and 3 hours.
City folk
If you have visitors that don’t care
much about the mountains or
the natural scenery, head to Vail
Village or Lionshead for mountain
fashion galore and an array of
internationally-touted restaurants.
or dive right
in to galler-
ies, jewelry
mountain gear shops. Take a
break with a snack at any of the
nearby restaurants.
The walk itself from the medical
center to the gondola is beautiful,
through the woods on the recre-
ation path behind the library along
Gore Creek. The jaunt shouldn’t
take more than 10 minutes and
the gondola ride is a mere eight
minutes. Rise nearly half a mile
in elevation from the base to the
summit, and be prepared with a
jacket or extra layer because the
weather can change dramatically
from top to bottom and it is, as
a general rule, at least
10 degrees cooler
at the summit.
Here, you will find
Eagle’s Nest, a
bustling center of
strapping in and
adjusting equip-
ment during the ski season and an
enormous patio and barbecue in
the summer.
Friends on a rainy day
Famous as it may be for sun-
shine, the Colorado Rockies are
occasionally prone to short spells
of stormy weather, and if the
outdoors are simply soggy, then …
bowling anyone? This is not your
typical venue. Bol in Vail Village
offers 10 lanes and a full dining
experience, with everything from
sliders to pizza swanked up along
with the ambiance. Just a couple
doors down lies CineBistro, the
most spacious and comfortable
movie theater around complete
with dinner, drinks and a fancier
bucket of popcorn than you’re
accustomed to, all served
at your armchair in front of the
big screen.
Naturally, not every visitor is fit for a brisk haul up the mountain
or an afternoon on the slopes. But because Vail Valley Medical
Center is situated closer to the pulse of a resort than most any
other topnotch hospital, it seems a shame to deprive visitors
of at least some means of exploring the mountains. Mere steps
away is the Eagle Bahn Gondola and Vail Mountain, so it’s easy
to get at least a bird’s-eye view of the sprawling terrain. It doesn’t
have to be a hike from bottom to top — but it can be. Take these
suggestions on where to take visitors who are …
Sleep deprivation can
affect your appetite. The
“hunger”hormones leptin
and ghrelin control your
satiety and hunger levels.
Lack of sleep means you
may eat more the next day.
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