Vail Health Magazine 2013 - page 36

In the VVMC Mobile Simulation Program, hands-on training
mimics real life scenarios — even blood, sweat and tears
Keeping It Real
By Cheryl Lindstrom
ail Valley
Medical Center
President and
CEO Doris Kirch-
ner was on a tour of
the esteemed Johns
Hopkins University
in Baltimore when she
walked by a room that caught her
eye. Inside, health care profession-
als were circled around a human
simulator — typically referred
to as a manikin — executing a
scene that could be occurring
in any hospital anywhere in the
world. In a matter of seconds,
Kirchner was captivated. She told
the others in her group to keep
going and watched her first sim-
ulation session with fascination.
Here were medical professionals
practicing skills using comput-
er-programmed scenarios on
high-fidelity manikins that had
every appearance of life, but were
never in threat of dying. Assess,
intervene, anticipate, commu-
nicate — and repeat. “That,” she
thought, “is what we need at Vail
Valley Medical Center.”
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