Vail Health Magazine 2013 - page 26

OB classes prepare new parents for the
play-by-play and postgame of childbirth
Childbirth 101
efore attending
childbirth classes at
Vail Valley Medical
Center, Marian and
Luke Cartin had a somewhat
ominous outlook of the hospital.
To them it was simply the clean,
cold white box in which people
experienced some of life’s most
dramatic and emotional moments.
The classes, however, prepped
and primed the couple for their
first born and showed them they
were not about to undertake the
momentous occasion in robotic,
systematic fashion. Rather, they’d
be surrounded by warmth, support
and know-how.
“This class helped us see the
maternity ward as more of a sup-
portive place to give birth rather
than just a cold and sterile hospital
environment,” Marian says. “Prior
to the class I felt unsure about
what to expect while we are at the
hospital. The class made me more
comfortable with the procedures
and environment there.”
By Shauna Farnell
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