Vail Health Magazine 2013 - page 14

In the Vail Valley, working out is an
important part of staying healthy. In
addition to activities that make full
use of the mountains, goal-oriented
fitness classes are popular.
BY Kim Fuller
Functional Fitness
Fitness classes have come
a long way. The days of “Let’s Get
Physical” have evolved from jock-
jams and unitards to military reps
and compression clothes. Goodbye
leg-warming aerobic sessions; hel-
lo high-intensity, functional fitness.
Mark DelVecchio, a personal
trainer and Vail ski patroller, says
people are looking more and more
to get the most out of their move-
ments. A lot of the latest fitness
trends focus on interval and circuit
training — keeping heart rates
high and calories burning.
“We live in a go, go, go world,
so everyone is looking to get a lot
done in a shorter period of time,”
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